Pisciceptologie par J. C***  Paris 1820


Fishing books preeminently compose the angling memory. Making a complete list of them would be a long term work and inopportune moreover, the more so as the matter has already been very well discussed. So let’s refer to a few still existing bibliographies, each of them having its own pecularities.

-         Catalogue de la bibliothèque de pêche from M.G. Albert Petit describes a wonderful collection of books dating before 1921.

-         Michel Arz proposes a vast list of books that were on dealings. It’s a useful and convenient document for research “on ground”

-         In the “Livres de pêche en français”, Pierre Affre and Bernard Caminade present us an index of books to collect with appropriate comments and references.

Let’s not forget the very numerous almanacs, magazines, advertisings, notices, items or other witnesses of this age, inexhaustible source of so precious informations.


   Le  Pêcheur Français. Ainé Kresz :  2nd  Edition 1830