Le catalogue réédité de la formidable bibliothèque d'Albert Petit

Des instantanés succulents...

Magnifiques compilations de photographies d'antan subtilement commentées par Michel Winthrop 

Un admirable ouvrage dédié à la Truite


La trilogie de Bernard Caminade: classification et côte concernant les moulinets, les cannes (avec Pierre Coursaget)  et les livres (avec Pierre Affre).

De belles compositions d'anciens objets de pêche sériées par Antoine et Dominique  Pascal. 


    EXHIBITIONS : Exhibitions on fishing take place every year. Some are specialized in second hand equipment and collection. They are the perfect place to discover desired objects, sometimes rare and even unusual. They allow exchanges or contacts but anyway you can visit them just for pleasure. Let’s quote as an example “Le monde de la pêche à la mouche” (beginning February in Paris) - a yearly sale in Isles-sur-Suippes (beginning March near Reims) – and another one in Blainville-sur-Orne (beginning April near Caen). Let’s not forget our Belgian, Dutch and English friends who are used to these exhibitions in their own countries.
     MUSEUMS : They aren’t numerous in France. Some of them have their own peculiarities and it is always worth visiting them : Château de La Buissière in Gien, Maison du saumon in Brioude, Maison de la pêche et de la nature in Levallois, ...

    WEB : Indisputably a wonderful address by our Belgian friend Jean-Pierre Sougné called “Le pêcheur de livres”. Very complete comprehensive and regularly renewed it is devoted to the fishing literature. It’s a great reference in this field : http://users.skynet.be/livresdepeche